Nicola Brown - Felt to print or print to felt

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During this week long felting and eco printing extravaganza participants of every ability will have the opportunity to learn new techniques or fine tune their skills in a fun and support- ive environment. The emphasis will be on finishing the felt well and learning tips and tricks which will help achieve consistent results both felting and printing (on protein fabrics) once back in your own studio.

On day one of the forum participants will learn how to create a beautiful nuno felt scarf, ta- ble runner or small wall hanging using the tumble dryer method of felting. This super easy technique of nuno felting (or regular flat felting) will transform your arts practice if you’ve never tried it before and is ideal for anyone who finds the traditional rubbing and rolling hard on their body. Concentrating on simple shapes with optional ruffles we’ll work in white and add un-dyed embellishing fibres at the lay out stage, Nicola will bring a selection of her favourite fibres for everyone in the class to share. Each of these different fibres will take up the colour from the natural materials differently when put in the printing pot, this leads to unusual and beautiful details on the surface of the felt.

On day two wonderful results will be achieved by bundling the felt created on day one with a selection of simple, easy to find natural plant materials, tying them up and then process- ing the bundles by either steaming or boiling. Nicola will explain how a varied selection of exciting results are influenced by and achieved using different pre-treatments, materials, fabrics, dye pot solutions and ways of actually tying up the pieces. We will also bundle silk scarves and yardage on day two, these may be stand alone pieces or fabric to incorporate into felt during the remainder of the week.

At the end of day two we will examine what has already been achieved then Nicola will put an action plan into place for each individual to ensure that they work towards achieving their goals for the remaining days of the forum. Some participants may choose to felt then print again while others may prefer to print first then incorporate this fabric into their felting! Larger felt wall hangings, table runners, wraps or yardage may all be tackled at this stage and it will be possible to combine printed silk with black or coloured wool to add interest and drama. Should any participant prefer they will also be free to experiment without creat- ing a larger felt project, if this is the case it would be possible to create a large book of felt/ and or eco printed samples for future inspiration and reference.

As we will be able to felt every day and print (with Nicola’s supervision!) each day from the second one onwards participants are encouraged to bring along previously completed felt including bags and vessels if they so wish. Nicola enjoys printing three dimensional felt so If you’d like to learn a few tips these may all be included in the printing pot as can naturally coloured wool or silk garments! 

All experience levels welcome.

Student Requirement List

Class Fee $630

Residential  Shared $650

Residential  Single $750

(All meals included)

Non- residential $230

(Includes all lunches, daily “facilities’ charge, access to all talks, extra activities plus morning and afternoon tea)

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